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In memory of Drusa


I did not even remember this date but it had to be today, casually I realized that in september 2006 Drusa left us to cross the rainbow bridge.

Again, this has caused tears in my eyes...

You were with me a very little time, but in this time you have show me so much about your breed... I can't forget you...

Now your ashes are spread in Soria woodlans, where you spend your last summer and I think, your happiest moments of your life. Still can remember how surprised you left us when we saw Isa's mom caressing you while you were eating, and with no growls at all... Only your happy tail wagging...

And I still remember the day we were coming back home after you die, that a bright rainbow appeared in the sky, just like a signal you were fine up there...

Drusa, rest in peace and enjoy those green lands and that peaceful existence in the other side of the rainbow bridge.

I would love to give you a big hug again, my oldie grumpy!


It was really hard to get it, but at the end you seemed to smile Drusa, at 11 years old Enjoying a day in the woods


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