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Alaskan malamute pictures

We love this breed cause we enjoy hiking in the mountain and woods, specially in the winter. These are some photos of our malamutes and the activities we play with them: utes:

In Cabrejas del Pinar, Burgos, Spain. Netooka and Roy in Rascafria, Madrid Playing with snow balls Trip to Cantabria, in the north of Spain. Looking close to the local fauna

Roy with Rita, a samoyed we fostered for a while till she found a new home Netooka, in the woods of Asturias, north of Spain Urbion mountain (Soria) Beautiful winter day at Soria

Roy teaching Kylie how to eat a pine cone Malamute playing :-) Kylie and Netooka resting in the middle of a hiking End of the day route, all teh group resting Kylie with her good siberian friends: Arwen and Maya

Kylie and Netooka sharing the bed It looks confortable! Netooka, Roy and Kylie, mountain hiking Netooka playing with Dreamy, a gorgeous husky we fostered Roy and the siberian family of Mysthicwolves

Roy and his best buddy Dreamy, our fostered husky Dad love, isn't it? Hiking in Rascafria, Madrid Gimme something, please! Malamutes are so greedy: Kylie begging for more kibble



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