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Alaskan Malamute puppies

alaskan malamute pups

We don't have more litter plans at this moment, so no puppy inquiries will be attended.

Please, don't put an alaskan malamute in your life if you DO NOT realize that:


  • Alaskan malamute pups A puppy grows up into an adult dog, and that dog will live with you for as long as 11-13 years. Of course, this includes holidays, weekends, aniversaries, etc. You must take care of it 365 days of its years life.
  • The malamute pup is one of the cutiest creatures in the world, but that puppie and will turn into a big size dog. Do you have plenty of space for it, even in the car when travelling or going to vet, etc?
  • Any puppie needs education, love and daily care. Education and socialization is a must in the case of a malamute puppie. Everyday you must spend sometime with the dog.
  • A puppy or an adult dog, malamute or whatever, is really costly. Every year you will have to afford lots of expenses in quality food, veterinarian care, insurance, etc.
  • The puppy will pee and poo in the house. You must teach the pup where is the right place to do it. And even when its learned, accidents may occurred.
  • Malamute is a very furry breed, it has lots, and lots, and lots of fur. Period brushes are needed. At shedding time, belive me, you will see hairs everywhere. Do you mind to see hairs in your clothes, car, couch, etc? Then don't have a malamute.
  • A bored puppy or adult malamute could break objets in the house, bite your furniture, destroy your beautiful garden... It's up to you giving him proper exercise and playtime so he will not need that kind of 'entertainment'.
  • So, ¿are you willing to give your malamute a long walk daily, despite it's cold outside, it's pouring rain, you're tired of all day working, etc?
  • Malamutes need to feel they are part of their human family, their 'pack'. Don't ask us a pup if you plan to leave it all day long in the garden or yard, or tied up with a chain...
  • If you have a yard or graden for your malamute, be sure it's well fenced. Otherwise he could escape.
  • Malamutes are a very special breed, learn their main features so you won't be surprised. It doesn't matter if you have had a previous dog, as I say, malamutes are special. When you have a malamute, you will understand it.



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