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Netooka, Katatao's Netooka

Netooka, Katatao's Netooka

You started this new year on the wrong foot, you took more time than usual to recover from a simple diarrhea. The vet told that it was completely normal due to your age, that you weren’t a puppy anymore and any little thing will be more seriuos. Even so, I thought you would be at our side for many more years, you were a strong girl.

Unfortunately this has not happened. In only two days, you have left us despite the medicines and all our efforts and care. I’ve always said that when the tragic moment came I won’t be selfish and I won’t make you suffer if there had nothing more to do for you. So when on saturday night you fell down and in the sunday morning you refuse eating and drinking, I realized I should have let you go.

And you have gone, my friend, despite all my dreams about you meeting our little “puppy” and helping her to take her first steps! With your infinite patience and sweetness...

All I can say is too short to express all my feelings for you and the feelings of the people who met you. I knew malamutes were special... but you exceed it more than a thousand times! You have been a great ambassador of the breed, and I will always remember you, my beautiful girl...

Rest in peace now, my unique and unrepeable Netooka (23/09/1998 - 6/03/2011)


Once more I want to say thank you to Pedro and Manoli, from Katatao's kennel, for giving us the opportunity to have had this special girl and for your friendship. Right now Katatao's don't breed malamutes, but if you are looking for a quality west highland white terrier or a cesky terrier, contact them.


That day you enjoyed snow for last time A day at the beach in Cantabria, north of Spain Swimming in Soria As beautiful as sunflowers Beautiful!


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