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About Wolf-Canyon Alaskan Malamutes

Isabel BurgosHi! I'm Isabel Burgos. Wolf-Canyon is the kennel name I asked to the FCI in 2001. At that time I was already completely in love with the Alaskan Malamute breed due to my first mal and dog ever, Netooka, now deceased. As I was thinking in having a litter with her, I did all her health tests and asked for this affix. However, that litter never occurred: while I was worried about where to find good prospective homes for those future pups, Netooka had a pyo and I had to spay her at 4 y.o. So I had to delay my breeding plans till Kylie (CH. Kinuk's I Want It All) went to home.

Wolves river canyon hermitage

I chose that kennel name due to the Wolves River Canyon in Soria, my mother's homeland to which I'm really attached. It's a incredible natural environment, full of magic and legend althought very unknown. Among centenary pine trees, you will find a canyon with tall limestone walls. Just in the middle of it, there an hermitage from the XIIth century, with templar origin. Our logo shows precisately one of the hermitage rosettes and of course a wolf/malamute howling, as the river's name. That logo was created by Jose Ramon Garcia, thank you so much again!


Javier and RoySeveral years ago I met Javier Buson, another dog lover who already had two malamutes, Roy and Drusa. He is an enthusiast with all regarding canine ethology and working with dogs. As Roy and Drusa were rescues, he was very sensitive towards rescue, so he started a website for promoting rescue of nordic dogs in Spain: www.sos-nordicos.com.

Together we return to the adventure of breeding malamutes. Our goals will be not only breed the most beautiful alaskan malamutes as possible, but also, malamutes capable of doing their original function. Health and temperament of our puppies is a must for us, so we pay lots of attention to the matings: we don't want to breed lots of puppies, we want to breed high quality alaskan malamute puppies.

Javier and I are members of the Spanish Club of Nothern Breeds and nowadays, we are in the Working Comittee.


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